Tales From the Fringes of Reality

The Keeper is charged with maintaining balance between all of the various realities. Their job is to put those who have fallen out of place back where they belong with the help of their magical AI, Minerva. When a lost soul finds its way onto the Fringes with the Keeper, it's their job to put this wanderer back where they belong while also trying to maintain balance between the various realities.

About the Creator

Pine Gonzalez (they/them) is a long-time podcast fan and writer who has been working on The Fringes for the better part of two years now. This story was created with a genuine love of genre fiction and a desire to utilize the various elements of sci-fi and fantasy to create a story that blends them together. When not writing or listening to podcasts, you can find them existing on the internet @probsnothawkeye.

Season 2 Cast

Season 2 is a full cast endeavor! Want to learn more about this wonderful cast? Click the link below!


Theme music for this show has been provided by Gerard Coleman. You can find Gerard on Instagram, Spotify, and SoundCloud under the name G.T.X.C.